TILT Squad!
Starting May 1st CrossFit TILT III is starting the  +1 Challenge!
Ok this sounds awesome but what is the +1 Challenge?
Great question!
Read the steps below!
Step 1 – Pick a movement from this list:
A. Strict Pull-up, Banded Pull-up, or Ring Row
B. Hand Release Push-up, Push-up, or Box Push-up

Wait…do I pick one from column A and one from column B?
Nope! Just pick one movement.
For example, strict pull-up.
Step 2 – Once you have your movement do the following reps…
May 1st = 1 rep
May 2nd = 2 reps
May 3rd = 3 reps
And so on and so forth!

Ok this sounds fun how much does it cost?
It’s free!
Ok ok how do I win?
Everyone wins because we get better at either pull-ups or push-ups!
Can I do both, pull-ups and push-ups?!?!
Sure, but I would pick one because as the month goes on the volume goes up (Spinal Tap turn it up to 11).
Where do I signup?!?!
You don’t! Just start on May 1st!
Ok but May 1st is a Saturday…could I just do 3 reps on Monday combining day 1 and day 2? Sure why the heck not!
What if I’m not at the gym everyday? No problemo! Just make up your reps the next time you’re in!

Let’s do it!