Let’s get Shredded with Fruits and Veggies!

Monday, June 3rd – Friday, June 28th

Cost: $25

InBody Scale Dates

Weigh-ins: Tuesday May 28th + Wednesday May 29th – SunLife

Thursday May 30th + Friday May 31 – Sudbury

Saturday June 1 to Monday June 3 – Waltham

Weigh-outs: Tuesday June 25th + Wednesday, June 26th – SunLife

Thursday June 27th + Friday June 28th – Sudbury

Saturday June 29 to Monday July 1 – Waltham

Baseline Workout: Monday, June 3rd during all classes

The Winners: Top Male + Female from each gym

– Body fat percentage / weight loss

– Benchmark workout

*There will be NO point system for this challenge

No Alcohol/No Sugar

This challenge will serve as a sugar and alcohol detox. In order to kick-start our metabolism and shred that extra body fat, we need to support our metabolism organ- our liver! Post challenge we will celebrate and enjoy some tasty adult beverages, but during the challenge let’s focus on giving our liver another job- create energy to burn fat!

Eat ⅔ of your plate in fruits and/or vegetables a day

As so many more fruits and vegetables are coming into season let’s take advantage of the local harvest! These nutrient-packed foods will help keep us full and support our bodies ability to create lean muscle mass and burn that fat! While you can choose which fruits and vegetables to have, we recommend sticking with ⅔ vegetables and ⅓ fruits over the course of the day if fat loss is your ultimate goal.

Weight Loss Emphasis – Recommend ⅔ Vegetables and ⅓ Fruit Ratio

Massing/ Muscle Gain Emphasis – Recommend ½ Fruit and ½ Vegetable Ratio

Recommended 3 plates per day for most moderately active individuals.

Option to add a 4th plate per day for extremely active* or larger individuals.

*extremely active = Strenuous exercise over 2 hours per day, or an individual who works a physically intensive job, on feet and lifting heavy objects for 6+ hours per day.

Here are 10 of the most common “healthy” foods that actually have lots of sugar hiding in them:

  • Cereals, including hot cereals like flavored oatmeal
  • Packaged breads, including “whole grain” kinds
  • Snack or granola bars
  • “Lower calorie” drinks, including coffee drinks, energy drinks, blended juices and teas
  • Protein bars and meal replacements
  • Sweetened yogurts and other dairy products (like flavored kefir, frozen yogurt, etc.)
  • Frozen waffles or pancakes
  • Bottled sauces, dressings, condiments and marinades (like tomato sauce, ketchup, relish or teriyaki, for example)
  • Dried fruit and other fruit snacks
  • Restaurant foods, where sugar is used in sauces, various desserts and dressings for extra flavor

Sugar ingredients and names to watch out for when reading labels include:

Corn syrup or high-fructose corn syrup Dextrose or dextrose crystals
Lactose Sucrose
Fructose Maltose
Glucose Evaporated cane juice or fruit juice
Caramel Carob syrup
Brown Sugar Raw Sugar
Dextrin and maltodextrin Rice syrup
Molasses Evaporated corn sweetener
Confectioners powdered sugar Agave nectar
Other fruit nectars (like pear nectar) Honey
Maple Syrup Coconut palm sugar

Note on the InBody Machine: Please be sure to weigh in during your scheduled gym date. If you cannot make it to the gym on those dates, you may visit one of the other locations during their weigh in dates. If you are not partaking in the challenge but would still like to use the InBody, it is a $25 usage fee.