Head Coach Gianni!


I wanted to start this off by saying it has been awesome getting to come back to Wellesley to see and coach all of you over the last few months! Whether I got to coach you in person, or see you posting your workouts from home, I have loved every second of it!

With that being said, I have some bittersweet news to share. Starting this Friday 4/16, I will be taking over the Head Coach position at our TILT V (Southborough) location. So although I might not be at TILT III by the end of this week, I will be just up Route 9 in Southborough! I’m sure we will still be teaming up for future TILT challenges and events, so I will still be in touch with all of you! Please feel free to reach out or even stop by if you ever find yourself in the Southborough area!

Now it is also with pleasure that I get to introduce your new Head Coach, who you all know and love, none other than, Coach Gianni! I know he is going to step right in and lead this awesome community with lots of fitness and good times! You all are in great hands!

I will still be at TILT III Monday-Thursday this week, so I’d love to see as many of you as I can in classes, if you can make it!

-James, SBJ, Sweet Baby