It’s our first nutrition challenge of the year and couldn’t come at a better time. Time to reign it in to feel and look our best for the Spring! Here is everything you need to know about our March Nutrition “800 Gram” Challenge.


Monday March 9th – Monday April 13th

Cost-  $25

How do I sign up?

Sign up sheet at the Front Desk!

Benchmark Workout

In all Classes Monday March 9th (makeups possible). Workout TBA

Re-test will be all Classes on Monday April 13th (makeups possible)

In Body Weigh In

Monday March 9th and Tuesday March 10th before your workout

All Day 5:30am-5:30pm

In Body Weigh Out 

Monday April 13th and Tuesday April 14th

How do I win?

Winners will be judged on their favorable change in body fat percentage/weight and improvement on the benchmark workout.

800 Gram Challenge

We are going to eat at least 800 grams of fruits and vegetables a day for this challenge. There are no restrictions on this challenge or keeping track of points. Your accountability for this challenge will be your weigh out and benchmark retest. It goes without saying that if we can limit our processed carbs, sugars, and alcohol, we can have the most favorable results. There are no excuses to not be your best. You will be happy you did.

Guide to the 800 Gram Challenge

Click HERE

How and why are we doing this? 

Basic Nutrition for the 99% TIPS Click HERE

How do I know what 800 Grams is?

Grab an inexpensive food scale. Click HERE

Don’t feel like weighing or measuring? One Cup or the size of a closed fist is about 100 grams.

What if i can’t make it to the gym during March?

Here are some great travel workouts. Click HERE