Pull-up or Push-up? You choose!

Our March Physical Challenge is…

The +1 Push-up/ Pull-up Challenge

On March 1st you will either perform 1 Push-up or 1 Pull-up. On March 2nd you will perform 2 Push-ups or 2 Pull-ups… You will add one Push-up or Pull-up every day in March until you complete a total of 31 Push-ups or Pull-ups on March 31st.You do not need to go unbroken. You can complete them in as many sets or throughout the day as needed. Pick the most challenging push-up and pull-up you can perform 5 perfect reps of to start the challenge. Box Push-ups of varying height, Ring Rows of any level, and Banded Pull-ups are all great options. If you miss a day no worries! Pick right up where you left off on the next day! Combined with the 800 Gram Nutrition Challenge you will have a one two punch towards being your best ever you. Let’s get after it and share your progress! We’re in this together!