A BIG congrats to our November Member of the Month Andy!

Andy has been a 6AM legend for many years and continues to leave it all out on the gym floor! Whether its laying down post workout to admire the gym ceiling or listening to Fall Out Boy on his running intervals, Andy will always be a an OG here in Wellesley. Here are some questions we threw at him:

1. How long have you been a member at TILT?  I joined TILT about 97,375 burpees ago. Sean Tully has screamed “no rep” on about 45,000 of those though and Coach Tom has just wondered why I pause for 15 seconds after about 40 of them.


2. What is your favorite combination of workout movements? I love power snatches and pull ups, followed by collapsing on the floor for about five minutes after the workout.


3. What is your go-to breakfast diner order? I’m a big fan of everything you can stuff into a breakfast burrito.


4. What is one thing the members at TILT do not know about you? I’m actually awesome at double unders, but I just trip on them all the time so other people aren’t intimidated.


5. Where was the last place you vacationed? The family did a few days last summer on Captiva Island in Florida which was fun. The last exotic trip I took was for five days of sea kayak fishing in Los Buzos, Panama. Caught a five-foot Mahi Mahi and a Cubera Snapper. Pretty awesome.