Outdoor Workout Member Procedure:

  1.             You must reserve your spot for class via the TRIIB App (see below). Class reservations begin 72 hours prior to class start time. Maximum class size for now is 13 athletes. There will be a class waitlist for signups that go over.
  2.             On the day of class, please park in the lot between Building 96 and 100.  Wait in your car until 5 minutes before your class time. Our classes will take place on the side of the building closest to the Building 100 service entrance.
  3.             Put on your mask and walk to the table outside the side entrance while observing 6 ft of social distancing.
  4.             Use the hand sanitizer station, Sign a daily COVID 19 Questionnaire, sign a new waiver (if it’s your first class back).
  5.             Grab a disinfecting wipe, and head to an open stall mat. Once on a stall mat, you may take off your mask if you would like. All stall mats are separated to ensure social distancing.
  6.             Wipe down the equipment you will be using for the workout.
  7.             Have a totally awesome time throwing down your friends while maintaining appropriate social distancing!
  8.             After the workout, grab another disinfecting wipe and wipe down your equipment and area.
  9.             See you on Monday!


*We will be having all members sign a new waiver when they arrive for their first in-person class.


Outdoor Workout Checklist:

  1.                         Water bottle
  2.                         Mask
  3.                         Smile!


  1. If you would like to pre-order lunch from the café and enjoy it in the courtyard the website is https://www.toasttab.com/crossroads/v3#!/.
  2. Orders must be received by 11:00 a.m.
  3. Click the Rewards link at the bottom of your order to earn points that can be used at the Café!


Outdoor Workout FAQs:

  1.             Will the bathrooms be open? The bathrooms inside the building near the cafe will be open for use with a mask. The inside of the gym including locker rooms and showers will be closed until further notice.
  2.        Will the traditional fitness center be open? No, it will be closed until further notice
  3.             What if there is running in the workout and social distancing is not possible? Please wear a mask that you can pull over your face when passing other athletes while running.
  4.             How much fun will these classes be? The most fun.
  5.             What happens if it rains? As long as there’s no lightning and thunder we will hold class. We will communicate all cancellations through email and our Facebook groups.


As a reminder, TILT will be utilizing the TRIIB app for workout posts, workout tracking, and a platform to reserve your spot for classes. Click HERE for all set-up details. If you have any issues with the app, please reach out to James at james@crossfittilt.com.


Class Cancellation Policy 

Due to restricted class sizes, we will be asking that cancellations happen at least 12 hours prior to class. Things happen but please do not make it a habit. We do not want to have to enforce this.


In-Person and Virtual Schedule

Starting on the 13th, we will have a limited in-person schedule (45 minute classes) along with a full virtual schedule. Our virtual classes will continue to be recorded and posted to Vimeo. Check out our in-person and virtual schedules below.