Hello, CrossFit Tilt!

First and foremost I just want to say that I am beyond excited to have this opportunity to be a part of the TILT community and share my passion and experience with you all! I wanted to not only introduce myself, but also introduce you to the CrossFit TILT Nutrition Program we are thrilled to be starting!

In 2002, The CrossFit Journal posted the article, “What is Fitness?”. It defined many things such as CrossFit’s Three Standards of Fitness, general physical skills, and how to integrate the elements of CrossFit into our lives. It also portrayed the Theoretical Hierarchy of Development, with the base (or foundation) being nutrition.

At CrossFit TILT, we believe in the importance of laying a strong foundation in which we can build upon. We believe that incorporating a slow drip of nutritional information in the form of weekly articles and videos, recipes, seminars, individualized coaching and interactive activities will be a world-class approach to a thriving community.

Our program is designed to help every member of our community be fit for life. We believe that nutrition goes far deeper than just “macros” and how we look in the mirror. We believe in taking an individualized approach, factoring in all six classes of nutrients, how well we are absorbing and utilizing them, and how our unique lifestyle plays into all of this.

As we delve into learning and refreshing our knowledge on the basics of nutrition, we will be placing a strong emphasis on sleep, stress management, mindset, exercise and creating healthy habits in our everyday life.

At any time, if any questions arise or you would like more information or advice on any of these topics, I encourage you to please stop in to chat! We are happy to offer each member a free 20 minute consultation in which we can discuss any topics of your choice and decide together if an individualized plan is right for you. You can find a sign up sheet for weekly office hours at the front desk of each TILT location! Other appointments can be scheduled by emailing me at kathleen@crossfittilt.com.

I look forward to meeting and seeing you all at the gym!