Monday 11.18.19

Lt. Jason Menard

Never Forgotten
5 Rounds
11 Pull-ups
18 Clean and Jerks
Cash out: 2019 Meter Row or Bike
WOD Guidance
Assigned to Ladder 5, Group 2 at the McKeon Road Fire Station, Menard and his crew tried to rescue a resident on the top floor of the three-story building, and became trapped. Menard helped a probationary firefighter to the stairs, and returned to rescue another trapped firefighter, helping him out of a window. Menard, however, couldn’t escape when flames overtook the third floor. Joining the department in 2010, Menard graduated from Doherty Memorial High School in 1999. He leaves his wife, Tina, and three children.
Box Brief
Another week of awesome workout with awesome people coming your way!

Friday 11.15.19

Double A

The Tortoise and The Hare
Choose one adventure

Individual or Team of 2
5k Run or Row
Or 10k Bike
WOD Guidance
Smooth and steady wins the race today for an individual effort. Sprint and recover for teams of 2. Sprinting or endurance? You choose!
Box Brief
Happy Fri-Yay!
Big Congrats to Ann King and Ryan Finn for winning our October Nutrition Challenge!

Thursday 11.14.19

                                                           Forgot your shorts? No excuses for Fast Eddie.

Yogi Bear

12/9 Calorie Row
12 Push-ups
Rest 5
12/9 Calorie Bike
12Weighted Step Ups
Rest 5
12 Box Jumps
12 Dumbbell Snatches
WOD Guidance
The rest is built in so choose weights that keep you moving fast for multiple rounds per AMRAP5.
Box Brief
Today is Bring a Coworker Day!

Wednesday 11.13.19

These fit ladies completed a half marathon in Portsmouth NH last weekend!


Buy In: 50/35 Calorie bike
Double Unders
Toes to Bar
Cash-out: 50/35 Calorie Bike
WOD Guidance
Pace the first and sprint the second bike. Keep your jump rope at reps=seconds and break the toes to bar to stay moving.
Box Brief
Tomorrow is Bring a Coworker Day!

Tuesday 11.12.19


Super Smash Bro’s
OT2M x 7
15/12 Calorie Row
15 Thrusters
WOD Guidance
Choose dumbbells that allow you to go unbroken on the thrusters.
Score is fastest and slowest rounds.
Box Brief
Thursday is Bring a Coworker Day!

Monday 11.11.19

U.S. Navy Lt. J. Wesley “Wes” Van Dorn

Team Wes
Teams of 2
Team 800m Plate Run
14 Rounds (Full Round then switch)
5 Pull-ups
4 Burpee Box Jumps
3 Power Cleans
Team 800m Plate Run
WOD Guidance

U.S. Navy Lt. J. Wesley “Wes” Van Dorn, 29, of Greensboro, North Carolina, died on Jan. 8, 2014, of injuries sustained in a helicopter crash off the coast of Virginia. He was a member of Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron 14 at the Naval Air Station in Norfolk, Virginia. Van Dorn was a well-rounded and skilled athlete. According to his friends, he “prided himself on his ability to lift huge weight with the big guys and run with the smaller ones.“Van Dorn is survived by his wife, Nicole; sons, Jaxton and Maddox; parents, Mark and Susan; brother, Max; and sister, Cara.

Go hard for Wes and all of our Veterans Today. We owe our freedom to all the brave, honorable, selfless men and women who have served and who are currently serving.
Box Brief
Normal Class Schedule Today.


Friday 11.8.19


Optimus Prime

Wall Balls
At the top of each minute perform 5 Deadlifts
score= Total Wall Balls
WOD Guidance
Choose a medicine ball that allows you to complete 20+ wall balls in a row when fresh. Go heavy and unbroken on the deadlift.
Box Brief
Veteran’s Day this Monday will be normal schedule and a Hero workout. Don’t miss it!

Thursday 11.7.19

When you get hit by those Friday light vibes…

The Great Escape
Teams of 2
3 Rounds each of
500m Row
1000m Bike
*partner performs the full round, then switch
WOD Guidance
Go hard on both the rower and bike. Your rest is built in when your partner is working.
Box Brief
Today is Bring a Coworker Day!

Wednesday 11.6.19



50 Double Unders
12 Pull-ups
50 Double Unders
20 Sit-ups
WOD Guidance
Keep you jump rope sets to under :45 and break up the pull-ups into small sets with short rests.
Box Brief
Tomorrow is Bring a Coworker Day!

Congrats to our Giant October Committed Club!!! Our biggest ever!!!

Lee Tan
Korey Mahone-Crespi
John Vaz
Kerri Ansello
Ed Holt
Jon Kemp
Aaron Lipman
Jen Montez
Eddie Tos
John Coakley
Avery Heilbron
Kristin Trufant
Ryan Finn
Keith Hardwicke
Ann King
Chris Laird
Dan Sullivan
Rebecca Bergstrom
Jack Donnelly
Eli Gamboa
Jacob Goguen
Geoff Green
Steve Iaccarino
Candice Lazoni
Mary Mahoney
Dianna Milone
James Slotnick
Tiffany Wong
Jared Wright
Freddie Cavallini
Katherine Nosal
Johan Naco
Eileen Coyne
Brandon Frank
Ger Mulrooney
Linda Munton
Jermaul Williams


Tuesday 11.5.19

Noon Posse Hangin’

Weightlifting Tuesday
OT2M x 10 (20 mins)
10 Power Cleans
10 Front Squat
10 Push Press
WOD Guidance
Choose weights that allow you to link together multiple repetitions and finish the lifts within a minute.
Box Brief
Bring a Coworker Day is Thursday!

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