It’s Friday! Do the funky chicken!

NeverEnding Story
Teams of 2
15 Wall Balls
12 Deadlifts
9/6 Calorie Bike
*one partner completes a full round then switch
WOD Guidance
Choose a wall ball and dumbbells you can string together unbroken sets. Go hard on the bike sprint!
Box Brief
This weekend will end week 1 of our Nutrition Challenge! Stay strong! No alcohol, no caffeine after 12pm, and at least 60oz of water.
Week 2= No processed foods!
For week by week details click  HERE!

Congratulations to our September Committed Club! Our biggest ever! Special shout out to Jacob Goguen and Korey Mahone-Krespi. They attended every class in September!
Jacob Goguen
Korey Mahone-Krespi
Avery Heilbron
Jonathon Kemp
Ann King
Aaron Lipman
Mary Mahoney
Dianna Milone
Eddie Tos
Andrew Kleeman
John Vaz
Karen White
Ed Holt
Jermaul Williams
Jack Donnelly
Janis Mitchell
Daniel Sullivan
Tiffany Wong
Jared Wright
Eileen Coyne
Paul Hart
Linda Munton