Skippy Longstocking

Calorie Row/Bike
50 Double Unders after each round
WOD Guidance
Great chance to work on the doubles today. Row/Bike as hard as you can but still keep your DU.
Box Brief
Winter Apparel Pre-Orders are at the front desk and must be in by Dec. 15th. Sweatshirts and a winter hat? Yes Please!
Sign up for our second annual Rowathon Saturday February 8th. Two events to choose from. Team of 8 Marathon Row or team of 4 10,000m
Click HERE for more details and to sign up!

Congrats to our November Committed Club!!!

Special shout out to Ann King! She had perfect attendance in the month of November! Who will be on this list in December?!
Ann King
Aaron Lipman
Jen Montez
Gerard Mulrooney
Eddie Tos
Kerri Ansello
Jonathon Kemp
Lee Tan
Keith Hardwicke
Jack Donnelly
Edward Holt
Dan MacLaughlan
Korey Mahone-Crespi
John Vaz