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Gotta Get Up to Get Down

100 Up Downs

Accumulate 5 Minutes in a Plank

100 Up Downs

General Warm-Up

:30 Walk out to Spidermans (each side)

:20 Plank (on elbows)

:30 Walkout to Samson (each side)

:20 Plank (on hands)

:30 Walkout to Down Dog

:20 Side Plank (right side)

:30 Walk out to Up Dog

:20 Side Plank (left side)

Specific Warm-Up

3 Step Down, Step Up, Up downs

:15 Plank

3 Jump Down, Step Up, Up Downs

:15 Plank

3 Jump Down, Jump Up, Up Downs

Warm-Up Round

5 Up Downs

:20 Plank

5 Up Downs


Reps- 80/70/60/50 Up Downs

Plank- Accumulate 4/3 minutes

Can’t Up Down? Do Step-Ups on a stair, or climb your stairs for 3-4 mins

Can’t Plank? Choose an alternative core movement

Daily Tabata


WOD Brief

Settle into a steady pace on your first set of Up Downs, stay consistent through the entire set. When you get to the plank it’s a mental battle, have planned set times and hold yourself to those times! Once you get to the second set of Up Downs it’s time to go! 


Pancakes or Waffles…?