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TILT Quarantine Cup WOD #1
10 Air Squats
9 Right Arm DB Snatch/Odd Object Snatch
10 Pushups
9 Left Arm DB Snatch/Odd Object Snatch

General Warm Up

2 rounds of
:30 Spiderman
:30 Walkout to plank
:30 Good morning
:30 slow air squat
:30 plank hold
:30 good morning
10 air squat
5 push up from knees or elevated surface
5 DB or O.O. DL/side
10 air squat
5 workout style push ups
DB/O.O. Snatch Warm Up
5 Hang db wing or pull/ side
5 hand DB snatch / side
5 DB snatch per side

DB/O.O Clean or deadlift
Push Ups to an elevated surface or from knees

Warm Up Round
5 Air Squats
4 Right Arm DB Snatch/Odd Object Snatch
5 Pushups
4 Left Arm DB Snatch/Odd Object Snatch
WOD Guidance
Even though 10 mins sounds like a sprint don’t be fooled. Aim for every round to look the exact same and speed up with 2 mins to go if possible. Unless you are planning to go unbroken on the push-ups the whole time (ie you have 40 unbroken) break them early to eliminate big rests later. Concentrate of using aggressive hip extension on your snatch to save your shoulders. Aim for 5-8 rounds.

Tabata Time WOD

Question of the Day
What has the quarantine made you appreciate the most that maybe you didn’t before?

Box Brief
-Zumba going down Wednesday at 6 pm! Same ZOOM link!
This weeks challenge!