Hi Fives for Mandy Monday!

50 Calorie Row
50 Wall Balls
50 Burpees
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WOD Guidance
Pace your row so you can get right to working on sets 10 or larger on the wall balls. This one is all about the 50 burpees. Set short term goals of 5 or 10 to chip away at. Stay moving.
Box Brief
Our First Ever Social will be on Saturday August 25th with our friends from TILT Waltham!
Come for a day of fun with your Wellesley gym mates and make some new friends!
8-10am- Outdoor Workout at Blue Hills Ski Hill in Canton, MA
11am-5pm- Pool party at Hotel Indigo
7pm-… Dinner and Drinks at The Biltmore
Our Grand Opening party will be September 4th. Details TBA…