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“Looney Tunes”
10 down to 1
Bar Muscle-Ups
Squat Clean

WOD Guidance
High skill Saturday!
Pick a tough strict pulling option or a higher skill option for the Bar Muscle Up!

Mod Option A
Bar Muscle Up – Burpee Pull-up or Best Strict Pull-up
Squat Clean – Loading

Mod Option B
Bar Muscle Up – Ring Row or Banded Pull-up
Squat Clean – Hang + Loading

Box Brief
The Second Annual TILT Affiliate Cup is COMING!!
TILT Swag, Fitness, and Head to Head coaches matchups LIVE on Thursday nights!
Click HERE for all the details and to register (Deadline Feb. 1st)!

Week 4 Challenges for the January Nutrition Challenge:
1. No processed food for a minimum of one full meal each day
2. Eat 5 different kinds of fruits and/or vegetables each day
Click HERE to log your points
Click HERE for all the Challenge details

TILT Virtual Wine Night Coming Soon!! Click HERE for all the details

Kids Fitness Classes– Sundays @ 12:00pm-12:30pm in Sudbury

February Mental Toughness Seminar w/ Coach Mick- Click HERE for all details

*NEW Virtual Mobility Class- Every Wednesday at 4:30pm-4:45pm starting 1/20*