Fist bumps all around!

Virtual Access:

“Justice League”
21/15 Calories
20 Pull-ups
21/15 Calories
40 Push-ups
21/15 Calories
60 DB Snatch
21/15 Calories
80 Sit-ups
21/15 Calories
100 Burpees
@ 50/35

WOD Guidance:
Longer grind today!
Manageable sets on Pull ups an push ups
Steady R/B/S

Mod Option A + Option B:
Calories – 1:15 of work
Pull-ups – Strict, Banded, Ring Rows, scale Reps
Push-ups – Box, Banded, scale Reps
DB Snatch – Scale load, scale Reps
Sit-ups – Scale reps
Burpees – Scale Reps and range of motion (up down)
Box Brief
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