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5k Run or 1hr Ruck
For ruck, starting at 20/14# w/vest or backpack.
Experienced athletes can add more weight
Dipping thy toes? Laptop or 6-pack seltzers
4k (2.48m), if consecutive miles are not held under 10minutes
3k (1.8m), if consecutive miles are not held under 12
30m Ruck- 15m out, 15m back
30min bike/row
30min bike/row with :30 plank or hollow hold every 2:00 until time is up
Warm Up:
200m or 1 min run/bike/row
:30 Jumping Jacks/Jills
:30 Turtle Hurders
:30 Mountain Climbers
:30 knee to chest
400m run or 2 min /run/bike row
:30 over the hurdle forward
:30 figure 4
:30 alternating samson lunge, focus on reaching up
:30 soldier kick, focus on aggressive pull down to full stand
200m or 1 min run/bike/row
:30 high knees, focus on elbows close + arm swing with arms bent at 90 degrees
:30 butt kicks, heels hit butt, knees pointed towards the ground
:30 straight leg drill, think toe taps to a plate, shallow height
:30 toes in walk, heels elevated and away from each other
200m or 1 min run/bike/row
All of the above PLUS
1 min plank with your weight
1 min good morning with your weight