“Sundae Fundae”
1 x 20
2 x 15
3 x 10

Giant Set x 3
10 DB/KB Split Squat
20 Glute Bridge
30 Hollow Rocks

Virtual Access:
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WOD Guidance
As the reps go down, the weight goes up for the Deadlifts!
1 “Giant Set”= Split Squats right into Glute Bridges right into Hollow Rocks
Rest as needed between sets

Box Brief
Nutrition Challenge Coming in January! Click HERE for all the details and link to the sign-up sheet!

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Holiday Schedule
Thursday 12/24- Regular Schedule (Virtual 7am Only)
Friday 12/25- Gym Closed
Thursday 12/31- Regular Schedule (Virtual 7 am Only)
Friday 1/1- Gym Closed