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200 Jumping Jacks

150 Mountain Climbers

100 Up Downs

50 Hollow Rocks

General Warm Up

:30 Jumping Jacks
:30 Plank Hold

:30 Step Down to Plank, Step Up

:30 Tuck Hold

:30 Jumping Jacks
:30 Slow Mountain Climber
:30 Jump Down to Plank, Step Up
:30 Tuck Hold with One Leg Out

:30 Jumping Jacks
:30 Fast Mountain Climber

:30 Up Downs

:30 Hollow Hold

Movement Specific Warm Up
:20 Tuck Rock, Using Arms for Momentum

:20 Tuck Rock with One Leg Out, Using Arms for Momentum

:20 Hollow Rock, With Arms by your Sides

:20 Workout Style Hollow Rock

Warm Up Round
:20 Seconds At Each Station:

Jumping Jacks

Mountain Climber

Up Down

Hollow Rock


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