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Sundae Fundae

OTM x 30
Min 1 – 1 round Strict Cindy(5 Pull-ups,10 Push-ups,15 Air Squats)
Min 2 – 60 Double Unders
Min 3 – 15/12 Cal Row/Bike/Ski
Min 4 – 20 V-Ups
Min 5 – :45 Plank
Cindy-5/7/9 Reps, DB Row, knee/elevated push-up, Squat to target
DU- :40 Attempts, Single Unders, Jumping Jacks, :40 Cardio
200m Run, :40 Bike/Row/Ski
V-ups- 20 Sit-ups
:30 plank
WOD Guidance
Do not spend longer than :45 on any interval.
Box Brief
We Open for Outdoor Classes on a limited schedule Tomorrow! Monday July 13th!
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If you could pick any additional day of the week off, what would it be?
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