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5 Pull Ups or Odd Object Rows or :15 Iso Row Hold
10 Push Ups
15 Air Squats
General Warm Up
:30 Jumping Jacks
:30 Alternating Spiderman
:30 Arm Swings (:15 Across/ :15 Up and Back)
:30 Broad Jumps or Bunny Hops
:30 Side Lunges
:30 Inchworms
:30 Plank Jacks
:30 Air Squats
:30 Cuban Press (with or without PVC/broomstick– just looking for rotation here)

Specific Warm Up
:15 Scap Retractions
3-5 Strict Pull Ups or :15 Iso Hold with Odd Object
:15 Kip Swings or Slow Bent Over Row
5 Pull Ups or Bent Over Rows or :10 Iso Hold
5 Box/Bench/Table Push Ups
5 Floor or Knee Push Ups
5 Workout Rep Push Ups
5 Slow Air Squats
5 Faster Air Squats
Warm Up Round
3 Pull Ups
4 Push Ups
5 Air Squats
WOD Guidance-
Longer steady grind today!
Pulling movement should be done unbroken throughout.
Break up push ups into 2-3 sets right off the bat!
Smooth on the air squats… rest those arms!
WOD Modifications-
Alternate Rep Schemes
Elevate hands to a box, bench, table or even the wall, to make push ups more manageable.
You can also try an Odd Object Floor Press for Push Ups
Can’t squat? Try Glute Bridges or a :15 Wall Sit
Question of the Day-
Which restaurant head chef would you choose to be your at-home cook for all of your meals during the quarantine?