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Lunge Butt
100 Lunges
5 min Wall Sit
100 Lunges
*If you have a vest wear it
General Warm Up
3 rounds of:
1 min Jog in Place
:30 Bottom of Squat
Movement Specific Warm Up
Lunge Mobility:
1 min Right Side Samson
1 min Right Side Pigeon
1 min Left Side Samson
1 min Left Side Pigeon
:30 Front Lunges
:30 Reverse Lunges
:30 Wall Sit
WOD Modifications-
If you don’t have a vest, but you want a little extra spice, load up a backpack and wear it (front or back!)
Lunges- Decrease Reps 80/70/60/50, Step Ups, Air Squats, Hip Thrusts
Wall Sit- Decrease Time 4/3/2 Minutes, Bottom of Squat Hold, Plank Hold, Table Top Hold
Warm Up Round
*with vest or backpack*
10 Lunges
:20 Wall Sit
10 Lunges
WOD Guidance-
Steady pace on the lunges. Each lunge step counts as a rep.
We are accumulating 5 minutes– so break up wall sit into manageable increments that do not require excessive rest between holds.
Question of the Day-
Milk before cereal, or cereal before milk?
Daily Tabata