When you realize it’s Friday Light…

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The Legend of Zelda

Hand Release Push-ups
Lunges (total, not each leg)
200m Run after each round
Push-ups- Regular not HR push-up,10-1 scaled reps, elevated surface.
Lunges-Step ups, single leg glutei bridges
Run- :30 out and back, 50 High Knees + 25 mountain climbers
WOD Guidance
The workout starts as a push-up lunge and ends as a running workout. Break the push-ups to avoid long breaks.
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This Week’s Events
Friday 5/1 @ 7:30pm – Guess That Song! Volume 3 w/ Coach Sean
Saturday 5/2 @ 6pm – Guys Night w/ Coach Mick
To Fly or Be Invisible. You choose.
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