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Death By…

Min 1:
2 DB/Odd Object Power Clean
10 Lunges
Min 2:
4 DB/Odd Object Power Clean
10 Lunges
Min 3:
6 DB/Odd Object Power Clean
10 Lunges

And so on and so forth, continuing up by 2 DB Power Cleans each round until you cannot complete the required amount of work within the minute, or until you spontaneously combust.

General Warm Up-
2 Rounds
:30 Jumping Jacks
:30 Alternating Samson and Reach
:30 Good Mornings
2 Rounds
:30 Jumps Over DB
:30 Soldier Kicks
Movement Specific Warm Up-
DB/Odd Object Power Clean:
5 Deadlifts (each side)
5 Hang Power Clean (each side)
5 Power Cleans (each side)
6 Alternating Forward Lunges
6 Alternating Reverse Lunges
6 Workout Style Lunges
Warm Up Round-
2 Power Clean
4 Lunges
4 Power Clean
4 Lunges
WOD Guidance-
Today is all about keeping your heart rate steady for as long as possible.
Choose a number of lunges you can complete in about :15-:20 seconds at most.
Number of Power Cleans is TOTAL (1 rep on the right, then 1 rep on the left = 2 reps)
WOD Modifications-
Power Cleans- Increase by 1 rep each round, Hang Power Clean, Hops Over DB or Odd Object
Lunges- Decrease Reps to 8 or 6, Step Ups, High Knee March Steps, Glute Bridges

TILT Tabata

Question of the Day-
Pizza or Tacos, you can have only one forever. You choose…