Burnt Rubber

5 min Calorie Row/Bike
5 min Rest
4 min Calorie Row/Bike
4 min Rest
3 min Calorie Row/Bike
3 min Rest
2 min Calorie Row/Bike
2 min Rest
1 min Calorie Row/Bike
WOD Guidance
Aim to go hard but keep your calories per hour consistent for the duration of each round.
Box Brief
Today is Bring a Coworker Day! Who is bringing someone?!?!
Sign-up sheet for our June 3rd Summer Shred is LIVE at the Front Desk. Details HERE
Special Nutrition Talk with Coach Kathleen next Tuesday 5/21 @12:45pm at the gym. Learn more about incorporating fruits and vegetables into your meals and how to attack our Summer Shred Challenge!
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