Ger when he realizes it’s Friday Light!

High Speed Low Drag

Box Jump
Kettlebell Swing
*200m Run after each round
WOD Guidance
Pick a kettlebell to go unbroken on the swings and a box jump height to cycle quickly.
Box Brief
Today is Bring a Co-worker Day!
Our First Competition is the TILT Combine. Test yourself in three events during class on Friday Sept.20th. Click HERE!
Check out Coach Kathleen’s new article on Cold and Flu Prevention! Click HERE

Congratulations to our August Committed Club! These members attended at least 15 classes last month! Special shout out to “Fast Eddie” Tos and John “I Love Burpees” Vaz for perfect attendance!
Eddie Tos
John Vaz
Jonathon Kemp
Edward Holt
Korey Mahone-Crespi
Daniel Sullivan
Jared Wright
Andrew Kleeman
Avery Heilbron
Mary Mahoney
Dianna Milone
Aaron Lipman
John Coakley
Candice Weiss
Danielle Coskren
Eileen Coyne
Branden Diniz