6am rowing strong!

Stop Drop and Row
Teams of 2
80 Burpees
150 Double Unders
2,000m Row
150 Double Unders
80 Burpees
WOD Guidance
Grab a partner and work fast when it’s your turn! the rest is while your partner works!
BOX Brief
Tomorrow is the first round of free nutrition consultations with Coach Kathleen! There are still signups available for two and three weeks from now on Tuesdays. Start your 2019 on the right note and see how great nutrition can boost your results!
*sign up sheet is at the front desk*
CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE to see Coach Kathleen’s latest blog posts!
Gronk Nation Team Rowathon
Wednesday, February 6th @ 1pm
Find a team of 4 or let us put you on a team.
Teams of 4
10,000m Row (switching every 250m)
$30 donation per person benefit the Gronk Nation You Foundation
email sean@crossfittilt.com to sign up
Link to Donate HERE