2 Rounds
100 Double Unders
50 Deadlifts
50 Sit-ups
50/35 Calorie Bike
WOD Guidance
Aim for even splits for round one and two. Keep your doubles under 2:00.
Box Brief
Two Rowathons this week?!!!
Pick your day and location
Our in house 2020 Rowathon will be Wednesday February 5th during all classes. We ask that teams make a donation to JB’s Keys to DMD.
Saturday February 8th at TILT Sudbury Signup HERE

Congratulations to our first committed club of 2020. Our Biggest ever! Special shoutout to Kerri Ansello, Avery Heilbron, Ann King, and Jack McDonald for perfect attendance!
Kerri Ansello
Avery Heilbron
Ann King
Jack McDonald
Jean Depuis
Dianna Milone
Jen Montez
Eddie Tos
John Vaz
Eileen Coyne
Geoffrey Green
Aaron Lipman
John Coakley
Laura Cronin
Janis Mitchell
Lee Tan
Tiffany Wong
Jonathon Kemp
Chris Laird
Sam Tillinghast
Kristin Trufant
Mike Caldwell
Eli Gamboa
Dan McLaughlan
Korey Mahone-Crespi
Mary Mahoney
Gerard Mulrooney
Mike Elkas
Candice Lazoni
Mark Murphy
Katherine Nosal
James Slotnick