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50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10

Double Under/Single Under/Jumping Jack/Line Hop/Toe Tap

V-Up/Tuck Crunch/Abmat Situp

Lunge (front or back)

General Warmup

:30 Jumping Jacks or Single Unders

:30 Plank

:30 Right Side Samson and Reach

:30 Left Side Samson and Reach

:30 Jumping Jacks or Single Unders

:30 Right Side Plank

:30 Left Side Plank

1:00 Alternating Samson Reach and Twist

:30 Jumping Jacks or Single Unders

:30 Shoulder Tap Plank

:30 Lunge (front or back)

Specific Warmup

Double Under Progression:

:15 Single Unders

:15 High Singles
:15 Double Taps

:15 Double Unders or Double Under Attempts –

Tuck Crunch + V-Up Progression:

:10 Egg Hold (knees tucked to chest and chin tucked to chest with arms hugging knees)
:10 Hands to the Side (hands are off the ground)
:10 Right Leg Out (hands by the side with right leg fully extended)

:10 Left Leg out (hands by the side with left leg fully extended)

:10 Full Hollow Hold or Rock –

5 Tuck Crunches –

5 V-Ups –

Lunge Progression:
Step Forward or Back –

Warmup Round:
10 – Double Unders/Single Unders/Jumping Jacks/Line Hops/Toe Taps

10 – V-Ups/Tuck Crunches/Situps

10 – Lunges

If jumping isn’t happening today sub high knees (1:1) for the double unders.

If your core is still smoked from Saturday try subbing a good morning (1:1) for the v-ups. You could also cut the core reps in half (25-20-15-10-5)

Instead of lunges you could always step up on a bench (1:1) or try air squats (1:1).

WOD Guidance:
Front loaded workout today! First two rounds are most of your work. Get through the 50 and 40 at a steady pace and then turn it on. Break the v-ups early and often and hold yourself to a high standard on the movement. Don’t worry about your time worry about the quality of your reps. On the lunges just keep moving. Also, have some fun!

Question of the Day:
What is the best movie series to watch while you’re home for the next two weeks?