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Cinnamon Life
30 rounds of

7 Air Squats

5 Push-ups

3 DB Snatch (3 Right and 3 Left)


2 rounds

10 Alternating Spiderman + Air Squat

20 Shoulder Taps

:30 Hip Thrust Hold

Air Squat

:15 Slow Squats with Pause in the Bottom

:15 Slow Squats No Pause

:15 Squats


:15 Arm Circles Forward

:15 Arm Circles Backwards

:15 Up and Back

:15 Hugs

:15 One Up and One Down

5 Elevated or Knee Push-ups

5 Workout Style Push-ups

DB Snatch

5 DB Deadlift Right

5 DB Deadlift Left

5 DB Hip Pop Right (Hang)

5 DB Hip Pop Left (Hang)

5 DB Press Right

5 DB Press Left

5 Hang DB Snatch Right

5 Hang DB Snatch Left

5 DB Snatch Right

5 DB Snatch Left


Air Squat – Lunges, Sit-ups, or Squat to Target

Pushup – Elevated Push-up, Knee Push-up, or Strict Press

DB Snatch – DB Power Clean, Weighted or Unweight Hip Thrust, Box Jump, or Tuck Jump

Rounds – 25, 20, or 15 rounds. If you’d like switch to a time domain instead (AMRAP 20)

Warmup Round

7 Air Squat

5 Push-up

3 DB Snatch (3 Right and 3 Left)

WOD Guidance
Use the first 5 rounds to find your pace for the workout. Try and hold that pace and then kick towards the end.
Daily Tabata

Question of the Day
You’re inventing a new cereal! What’s it called? What’s in it? Is there any animal associated with the cereal? The possibilities are endless!