Join Virtual Class @7am, 9am, or 5pm. Kid’s Fitness @ 10am. Core and Cardio @ 12pm. HIIT/ Sculpt @ 1pm. Mobility @ 4pm

10 Burpees
25 Double Unders
Compare to 11/20/19
Burpees- Scale number of burpees/ Burpee to Plank/ Burpee to box/elevated surface
Double unders-:20 DU attempts/ Single unders/ Big jump singles/ Double taps/ Jumping Jacks, invisible rope/ high knees.
Virtual Class Schedule

WOD Guidance
Choose a Burpee and Double Under that allow you to complete a round in :90 or less to target 8-12 rounds.
Box Brief

Lots going on this week in addition to our virtual classes! Check it out below..

*To attend, use our normal Zoom link-

Tuesday 4/21 @ 7pm – Trivia Night

Join Coach Casey for a night of trivia! 

Thursday 4/23 @ 630pm – Thirsty Thursday 

Grab your protein shake, glass of wine, beer, or whatever you are drinking for a night of virtual socializing with Coach Erin! 

Sunday 4/26 @ 10am – Pop Up Gymnastics Class 

Join Coach Katrina for a gymnastics class full of core work, pressing, pulling, and more! What you need: your bodyweight and a dumbbell, kettlebell, or odd object
Daily Tabata

Weekly Challenge

With stores closed and online shopping at an all time high. What has been your best or worst quarantine purchase?