Join Virtual Class @7am, 9am, or 5pm. Endurance @11am. Core and Cardio @ 12pm. Bodybuilding @ 1pm. Mobility @ 4pm

20 Power Cleans (10 R/ 10 L)
20 Push Press (10 R/ 10 L)
20 Burpees Over Dumbbell
Power Clean- Odd object ground to shoulder, DB or KB Swing, Tuck Jump
Push Press- Odd object shoulder to overhead, Push-up
Burpees- Scale #, No over the DB, Up Downs, elevated surface
WOD Guidance
Break up the sets to stay moving consistently on each round. Aim for 4-6 rounds.
Virtual Class Schedule

Box Brief
This Week’s Events

Friday 5/1 @ 7:30pm – Guess That Song! Volume 3 w/ Coach Sean
Saturday 5/2 @ 6pm – Guys Night w/ Coach Mick

What cancelled TV Show or Series would you love to see another episode of?
Daily Tabata

Weekly Challenge

Do every day if possible. Break up into any number of reps and sets throughout the day.