Under 18
9 Rounds
1:40 On :20 Off

WOD Guidance

Since the work to rest ratio is one extreme to the other, your goal here should be to not sprint when you are working. 20 seconds is not a lot of time to recover from and what we don’t want to do is deplete all our energy in one round. If you are unsure on how to gauge this workout, start out slow and build you way up to a quicker pace.


What is your favorite item on Thanksgiving to go for seconds?

Box Brief
We will be CLOSED Thanksgiving Day (11.25.21) and Friday (11.26.21)

Class schedule is now 6 AM and 12 PM

TILT Holiday Party- Saturday, December 18th @ 6pm-12pm – Click HERE for all details.

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Please remember to check into class when arriving at the gym on the front desk tablets or on your Triib app.