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Weird Flex 

DB/Odd Object Row (25-20-15-10-5 Strict Pull-up if available)
1 min plank after each round
General Warm Up:
3 rounds
:30 Sec Mountain Climbers
:15 Sec Arm Circles forward
:15 sec Arm Circles backward
:30 Inchworm to Spiderman Lunge each leg)
:30 Alternating Scorpion Stretch
Movement Specific Warm Up:
Push Up
5 Elevated Box/Table Push Ups
5 Knee Push Ups
5 Full Push Ups
5 WOD Push Ups
5 Slow controlled Sit- ups
5 Faster pace Sit- ups
DB/Odd Object Row
5 Scap Retractions w/Dumbbell or Odd Object or on Pull up bar
5 Tempo Rows (3 sec up,3 sec hold, 3 sec dow) or 3 Strict Pull- ups
5 Full Rows or 5 Pull-ups
:20 sec High Plank Hold w/alternating Shoulder Taps
:20 sec Low Plank Hold on forearms
:20 sec High Plank
Warm Up Round:
5 Push-ups
5 Sit-ups
5 Dumbbell/Odd Object Rows
:20 sec Plank Hold (High or Low)
WOD Modifications
Reps- 40-30-20-10-5, 25-20-15-10-5
Push-ups – reps,elevated to a box, from knees, floor press, overhead press
Sit-ups- reps, hollow rock, hollow hold in seconds (   ), standing high knee raises
Plank- :45 sec or :30 sec, Hollow hold, Tuck Hold, Bird Dog
WOD Guidance
Break up push ups and rows into manageable sets and keep moving on sit ups. Take a quick break from plank hold if you need to.
Question of the Day
If you had a pet Tiger, what would you name it?