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Clean, Rinse, Repeat

20 DB Power Clean

20 Toes to DB or KB

General Warm Up
3 Rounds
:30 Toe Taps
:30 Tuck Hold To DB
:30 Good Morning
Movement Specific Warm Up 
DB Power Clean-
10 DB Deadlift
10 ¼ Squat
10 Hang DB Clean
10 DB Clean
Toes to DB/KB-
:30 Hollow Hold
10 Tuck Knees
10 Toes to DB
WOD Modifications
DB Power Clean- Hang Power Cleans, Odd Object Power Clean, Box Jump, Tuck Jump, Glute Bridge
Toes to DB or KB- Knees to Chest, Lying Leg Raise, Tuck Crunch, Sit ups.
WOD Guidance
Alternate hands on the power cleans for a total of twenty reps, ten reps each side. Break up power cleans and toes to DB/KB into no more than two sets. Move smooth and steady in the first half of the workout and save some for the final push to the end!
Question of the Day
You have just become a Rogue sponsored CrossFit Games Athlete! What is your t-shirt design and logo? Example Katrin Davidstottir has a Sled Dog on her t-shirt.
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