Join Virtual Class @7am, 9am, or 5pm. Core and Cardio @ 12pm. Bodybuilding @ 1pm. Mobility @ 4pm
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Thin Mints

10 Power Snatch
20 Weighted Lunges
20 Power Snatch
20 Weighted Lunges
30 Power Snatch
20 Weighted Lunges
40 Power Snatch
20 Weighted Lunges
50 Power Snatch
20 Weighted Lunges
Power Snatch- Tuck Jumps/ Kettlebell Swings/ Power Cleans
Weighted Lunges- Bodyweight only
WOD Guidance
Break the early rounds as necessary to save energy for the big sets at the finish.
Virtual Class Schedule

Box Brief

Lots going on this week in addition to our virtual classes! Check it out below..

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Thursday 4/23 @ 630pm – Thirsty Thursday 

Grab your protein shake, glass of wine, beer, or whatever you are drinking for a night of virtual socializing with Coach Erin! 

Sunday 4/26 @ 10am – Pop Up Gymnastics Class 

Join Coach Katrina for a gymnastics class full of core work, pressing, pulling, and more! What you need: your bodyweight and a dumbbell, kettlebell, or odd object
Daily Tabata

If you could quarantine anywhere. Where would it be?