Songyi and David

Dumbbell Thruster
400 Meter Run
WOD Guidance
Use a weight on the dumbbells that allow you to go unbroken on the set of 21 if you had to. Run at a pace that allows you to get right back on the thruster once you are in the door.
Box Brief
Tomorrow is Bring a Friend Day!
Grand Opening Day Party is next Tuesday!
World Famous CrossFit Coach, best selling author, and part owner of TILT III Ben Bergeron will be coaching our noon class and then give a presentation about What is CrossFit. Then enjoy some delicious healthy catering from Next Dine. Let’s Get EXCITED!
Grand Opening Schedule 
12:-12:15pm Athlete Registration
12:15-1:00pm- Workout lead by Ben Bergeron
1:00-1:20pm- Presentation led by Ben Bergeron
1:20-2pm- Question and Answer, gym tours with TILT Staff