Mike and Eli bonding at 7am

Thor’s Hammer
Dumbbell Clean and Jerks

WOD Guidance

Choose a dumbbell weight that allows you to complete all sets in no more than two sets and a pushup scale you can do 10 unbroken when you are fresh. This is a shoulder burner so stay away from failure on the pushups by breaking up the sets early.

Box Brief

Tomorrow is Bring a Friend Day!
Our First Ever Social will be on Saturday August 25th with our friends from TILT Waltham!
Come for a day of fun with your Wellesley gym mates and make some new friends!
8-10am- Outdoor Workout at Blue Hills Ski Hill in Canton, MA
11am-5pm- Pool party at Hotel Indigo
7pm-… Dinner and Drinks at The Biltmore
Our Grand Opening party will be September 4th. Details TBA…